Collaboration - Simplified

CORUS is designed to serve team leaders and project participants more intuitively and friendlier than legacy project management tools. A cloud based collaboration tool that helps you manage tasks, files and events. On the one page. Make your enterprise intelligent.

Access anywhere desktop & mobile

Access Corus from your web browser and via our new iOS native app on an iPhone or iPad. The iOS Corus app let's you share photos and links from your phone. You'll get notifications on the go when a contact shares items to a topic.


Enhances the learning experience

"I found CORUS to be extremely useful to gain exposure
to information I would have never found on my own." Daniel W

A secure environment to share information

"The key aspect of CORUS that I find useful is that it is entirely private.
There is no fear of exposing all your content to the wider community." Laura B

Easy to use

"Learning to use CORUS was a breeze even for those of us
who don’t spend every waking hour on social media." Charlotte H

Creates stronger links

"CORUS has increased the level of engagement of our class
in a way that I have never experienced in previous tutorials." James W

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